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There are several great HPLC vial brands currently on the market today. In this brief write-up, we will talk about the top 3 makes of HPLC vials and the benefits of each one. Vials used in liquid chromatography are a common laboratory item, with thousands of suppliers and manufacturers of vials out there. This is why we prepared this summary of quality brands that create great, precise vials and help you maximize your lab’s budget.




1. L-MARK® HPLC Vials

L-MARK HPLC VialsEvery L-MARK® glass and closure product is made in the USA, reducing logistic burdens and allows the manufacturer (LEAP PAL Parts) to supply quality vials at low price points. All of the L-MARK vials and caps are manufactured in ISO 9001 clean environments, required to pass strict inspections and are uniquely packaged to stay clean and secure during shipment.

LEAP PAL Parts continually invests in quality systems, equipment and personnel to ensure they always exceed customers’ expectations. Each L-MARK product is fully tested – certification and production data is available to all customers upon request. All L-MARK products are made in the USA, with glass used in the vials produced in the USA or Germany by Schott, Nipro or Gerresheimer – some of the top premier and most experienced glass producers in the world. L-MARK vials go through a 100% inspection via QC camera systems and Length Gauge Systems which measure every attribute of the finish, shoulder, and vial length.

The L-MARK® is a quality HPLC vial at a great price, and comes in all popular types and sizes. We recommend sampling a few of the vials – LEAP PAL Parts typically will send out free samples to those interested.


2. L-MARK® Absolute HPLC Vials

Absolute HPLC VialsLEAP PAL Parts has a second line of HPLC vials called the L-MARK® Absolute for those users worried about the glass surface of their vials hydrolyzing. The borosilicate glass surface in vials can often hydrolyze resulting in the attraction of sample compounds with positive sites to the glass surface. The adsorption, which occurs rapidly for the first two hours and is complete by four hours, reduces the free analytes in the sample making accurate measurement difficult, especially at low concentrations. Additionally this interaction can significantly alter the pH of the sample being tested.

L-Mark Absolute vials are manufactured with a process (patent pending) that minimizes the free Hydroxyl sites on the glass surface. These vials allow measurements to be made without the effects of sample adsorption therefore increasing the accuracy of the analysis.

To evaluate the performance of the L-Mark Absolute vials, a comparison study was done between varieties of L-Mark Absolute vials and vials from major competitors. A sample solution (5 PPM) was added to a series of each vial type. Initial concentration of the sample solution was measured immediately after vial addition for a baseline. After a four hour period, sample concentrations of each vial were measured by HPLC. The final concentration amounts are recorded below, along with the average for each type of vial. The % loss was calculated and reported in the table below.


L-MARK Absolute HPLC Vial Test


In addition to sample adsorption, glass HPLC vials can often introduce a pH change due to the glass surface interaction. The same vials were also measured for pH at time zero and at four hours. The resulting sample pH is recorded above.


The L-MARK Absolute is a great solution for samples that can be contaminated by borosilicate glass, and are not much more expensive than typical HPLC vials.


3. La-Pha-Pack HPLC Vials

La-Pha-Pack HPLC VialsLa-Pha-Pack is another quality manufacturer of HPLC vial and closure products. La-Pha Pack vials and closures are manufactured in Germany with highly sophisticated production technology under strict requirements. Germany has been a lead producer of glass products for decades, and boasts well-known manufacturers as Gerresheimer and Schott.

Most La-Pha-Pack vials are made out of 1st hydrolytic class glass – which has excellent chemical resistance to acidic, neutral and alkaline solutions. All La-Pha-Pack vials have been packed in a certified cleanroom under pharmaceutical grade hygienic conditions. La-Pha-Pack users can count on being supplied with clean, uncontaminated vials.

One great attribute of La-Pha-Pack is that all quality controls are documented and reports can be easily be requested in German or English, with provided batch numbers guaranteeing 100% traceability.


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