Top HPLC Syringe Brands | Your Guide to the Best

HPLC syringes are typically used to extract portions of samples from vials containing the liquid being used in the liquid chromatograph. There are a number of great manufacturers supplying HPLC syringes to the marketplace today. In this article, we discuss three of the top manufacturers of syringes and provide comparisons.


L-MARK HPLC Syringes

L-MARK HPLC Syringes


The L-MARK® syringe is high-precision GC and HPLC syringe engineered and manufactured in Germany. L-MARK’s are quality syringes typically found at a lower price point than other HPLC syringe manufacturers like Hamilton and SGE, making them the preferred syringe for many liquid chromatography users and labs worldwide.

L-MARK Syringes come standard with a titanium plunger, which is 3-4 times stronger than the stainless steel plunger found in other syringe brands. Plungers can also be equipped with a black hybrid PTFE plunger tip. This plunger tip on the L-MARK has shown to have a greater resistance to the variety of wash solvents used in HPLC system, which prolongs the plunger life.